Wounds, Special FX, and Zombie Makeup

June 29: 5-7pm

Stage Makeup introduces the student to the fundamentals of design and use of stage theatrical makeup. In this course, the student will understand the basic techniques of stage makeup and develop a basic understanding through hands-on training with a variety of makeup types. Students will execute makeup designs using basic techniques learned and progressing to more challenging makeup styles.Using special effects make-up, students will learn the ins and outs of creating realistic looking wounds, bruises, cuts and burns. Latex is used in this class.

East End Young Arts Summer Set Theatre Workshop East Hampton Valerie DiLorenzo

Theatre Games

June 30: 6-8pm

A fun-filled exploration of movement, space, song, rhythm, and dramatic storytelling. Simple structured improvisations and theatrical games allow the young actors to be themselves and follow their natural impulses within the group and social setting.  Imagination abounds in this special time for all actors to express themselves in their own creative playground.

Voice for Dancers

July 1: 6-8pm

Some of us have a real knack for dancing. We might not necessarily feel the same way about our singing. Dancers often feel like their singing is weak because their movements don't give their bodies a chance to focus on aspects of singing, such as breathing. Using choreography and a high-powered song from a fantastic musical, this crash course will help use explore the best way for dancers to sing well while dancing.

Fundamentals of Acting

July 2: 6-9pm

Improvisational exercises and basic scene study begin in this terrific workshop.   Students strengthen their understanding of working on both unscripted scenes and written text while advancing important listening skills.  The goal is consistent moment-to-moment work using the tools of partnering, stage technique, theatre games, and strong active choices for a character's development.

Musical Theatre Skills

July 6: 6-9pm

Young actors will be introduced to and learn the three skills essential for good musical theatre – acting, singing and dancing – in a creative, fun and non-competitive atmosphere. Class begins with vocal and physical warmups.  Students will explore and participate in acting games, movement, improvisation, characterization, learning a song, developing a scene and performing.  

Lighting Design and Application

July 7: 7-9pm

Get hands on experience with common theatrical lighting equipment. Learn the process of laying out, rigging, and operating a variety of stage lighting equipment. In addition, learn how to use a digital lighting board to control, preset, and run a series of theatrical lighting scenes. This course will give you the tools necessary to work with lighting designers and theatrical directors to make their vision a reality.

Set Construction and Painting

July 9: 5:30 - 8:30pm

A practical, hands-on workshop that will save you headaches and backaches when you get to tech week. Less on theory and more on doing, this workshop aims to give practical skills for constructing sets when bumping in and out student productions. Wear sturdy shoes. In the second half of the class, students will use the project they constructed to practice fundamental scenic painting techniques, including how to make realistic looking faux wood, brick, marble, and stone. Be sure to wear your best painting clothes!

Superheroes and Villains Makeup

July 13: 5-7pm

Compelling character makeup can be seen from every genre from Star War’s Darth Maul, Marvel’s Venom, to Disney Classics such as Sleeping Beauty. This workshop will empower cosplayers of all skill levels to create dynamic superhero and villan makeup with a few basic makeup techniques and minimal use of inexpensive store bought prosthetics.  There will be a live demo of the look from start to finish, demonstrating tricks that can be used to create any villain look.

Audition Skills

July 14: 6-8pm

Auditioning can be really stressful. Preparing for an audition can be worse. This session is a crash course to help performers familiarize themselves with the ins-and-outs of the audition process and show them what and how to prepare for it. Hannah Faye will share some tricks of the trade from experience as well as from seasoned performers, directors, and professors of the arts. This will include mock auditions for students to be coached through. Students should come prepared with a 16-32 bar cut of a musical theater song of their choice. 

Topics include:

- What is a "book"? What is it for?

- What kinds of songs should I choose or not choose?

- What do I wear?

- Head shots? Where do I get them?

- College Auditions - how are they different?

Stage Combat

July 16: 5:30-8:30pm

This course is an introduction and exploration of technical and aesthetic aspects of stage combat. Our main goals are to develop the ability to safely portray violence onstage within the context of a play with specificity and dramatic power, as well as to understand how stage combat fits into the practice of theater as a whole. All of your current and previous training in acting, voice, and movement will be integrated in this course. We will be investigating various martial forms to develop a specific vocabulary for the stage. Other aspects include the development of strength and flexibility, eye/hand coordination, understanding and applications of principles of safety in working with a partner, and learning how to advance your character journey and develop ensemble work through each individual move in a fight sequence.

Vocal Workshop and Music Q&A

July 20: 5-7pm

Join me for a Vocal Workshop and Music School Q&A with Dylan Greene, a senior Music Education major at Fredonia. Students will have the opportunity to perform a song of their choosing, ranging from opera and art song to musical theater and jazz standards. Students should come prepared with sheet music. Dylan will lead a workshop that focuses on vocal technique and expression, and then he will take any questions from the students and audience members. 


July 21: 6-8:30pm

Whose line is it, anyway? It's yours as we create characters, scenes and songs in the moment, using fun and innovative improvisation games!  This spirited, fun class teaches you the basics.  Together, we will train to take on suggestions for game topics, creating our own wacky and hilarious improvised skits.

Musical Theatre Skills

July 22: 6-8pm

This is a group voice workshop mediated by a vocal coach, Hannah Faye. Students will learn a song together and then individually perform for their peers. Students will receive constructive critique from Hannah Faye. Peers will also learn to critique well and offer encouragement to their fellow performers. Hannah Faye will then assign new songs for each student and, after some time to learn these songs, will have a change to perform for their peers once more for additional coaching!

Believe in Yourself: Vocal Performance

July 23: 5-6:30pm

The students will learn Brand New Day from The Wiz & What I Did For Love from A Chorus Line in this workshop. In this workshop the students will not only learn the song, they will learn how to project confidently and connect with the audience .

Sound Design and Operation

July 29: 5-7pm

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the techniques and the tools of sound design and the sound designer's role in the collaborative design process in the theatre setting. The goal of this course is to develop a method of understanding sound and sound design, and discovering a language with which to express this understanding in a theatrical context. In order to accomplish these goals, there is fundamental exposure to the terms and techniques of contemporary sound design that is necessary along with an understanding of the challenges and problems inherent in designing sound for the stage.