Our Appeal

by SSAS Committee

Dear Theater Arts Friends,

In honor of Serena Seacat, our recently retired district theater director, we, her former students, have established a theater arts scholarship fund to celebrate graduating seniors who have demonstrated talent, commitment, and leadership in the theatrical arts during their high school career. 

To help initiate this fund we hosted a flagship theatrical event on May 11th including scenes from 16 classic musicals.  Over 100 students aged 9 to 29 utilized Serena’s training by directing, producing, designing, choreographing, and performing in an extravaganza of spirited musical numbers.  This extraordinary event, along with generous donations from supportive businesses and families, raised over $7,000.


At East Hampton High School’s Scholarship Awards ceremony this year, Serena presented two deserving graduates with tuition grants on behalf of the Serena Seacat Theater Arts Scholarship Fund.  This is only beginning.

With your help, in 2014 we hope to:

  1. Double our scholarships, awarding two $2,000 grants.
  2. Engage young people to produce, design, direct, choreograph and perform a high-caliber performance as a replacement for those programs which have been cut and as an opportunity for intensive arts experience.
  3. Improve the quality of the theater education in East Hampton’s upper-level public schools by organizing creative workshops, master-classes, and exposing students to professionals in this field.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to become more involved, thereby improving their creativity, professionalism, responsibility, self-confidence, and communication skills; empowering them with tools for their lifetimes.

Your generous tax-deductible donation will ensure future grants in Serena’s honor.  This program has a significant impact on the lives of students who have devoted their time and talent to enhancing the arts in our community.  

We sincerely thank you for your support in this meaningful and important endeavor.

Respectfully yours,

The Committee for the Serena Seacat Theater Arts Scholarship Fund